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All are welcome here.

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We are a community that is FOR people. We strive to provide a comfortable, accepting, positive environment where you can learn about God and your faith. Here, you won’t be judged or turned away. EVERYONE is welcome – questions, doubts, hurts, struggles and all. We believe Jesus calls us to love everyone – it’s that simple. We are FOR you.


FOR Johnstown Series at Westmont Church of the Brethren

Two thousand years ago, a gathering of people in a middle-eastern city began a movement that would circle the globe and leave its mark on individuals and cultures on every continent. This movement would eventually become known as The Church.

The church is a movement. And it’s still moving.

Whether you consider yourself a church person or not, you are invited to join us in this 7-part series, Big Church, as we dive in and discuss the story of the local church movement and how that should affect what we do today. (Series starting 8/27)



In the New Testament, the word “brethren” describes a community of men and women who chose another way of living: the way of Jesus. The Church of the Brethren, began three centuries ago in Germany, and still draws people who want to continue Jesus’ work of faithfulness and loving service.

Though the Brethren as a group have existed for three hundred years, we subscribe to no formal “creed” or set of rules. We simply try to do what Jesus did.  Steadily, lovingly, even radically, Jesus went about saving the world — by serving its people. Because we believe his message, we seek to do the same.

Whether the conflict involves warring nations, racial discord, theological disputes, personal disagreement, or mere misunderstanding, Brethren listen conscientiously, seek guidance in the scriptures, and work toward reconciliation. We practice peaceful living. Living peacefully, to the Brethren, means treating each person with the attentive, compassionate respect that all human beings deserve.

The ideal of simplicity guides our decisions: How will we conduct our business, raise our children, spend our leisure time, tend our natural resources? How will we use our money, and why? How can we live comfortably, but without excess or ostentation?  For the Brethren, such considerations are not a requirement, but a privilege. As we seek to live intentionally, responsibly, and simply, we find a deep sense of purpose. And we find joy.

Our congregation welcome all who wish to share with us in another way of living: the way of Christian discipleship, life in community, fulfillment in service.

We are continuing the work of Jesus, peacefully, simply, together.


We meet every Sunday morning at 9:45am.

Our service typically lasts no longer than an hour.

We also provide a lesson & activities for you kiddos during the service – we use the Orange curriculum!


Our address is 2301 Sunshine Avenue, Johnstown, PA 15905.

Come say hello!

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